Corporate America


Just how far can I shove my head up my ass!


Harsh I know but Corporate America redefines the word, "stupid". If only I was laughing at the above statement. But I'm not. This topic belongs on a rant page. Strong is the only way to have an opinion about it. They are crackers. And the list to how they deserve that moniker is endless. First off they want to see their world with rose colored glasses. They couldn't handle the truth. Thank you Jack. So when they come calling they are sure to let you know when, where, and what times. So you can get the place all pretty for them. Heaven forbid they should ever see it the way it is the rest of the time. Which isn't bad but you have to have it spick n span so the f'n jerk can walk through the building and go strait to an office to take a conference call. Byte me a new one jerk off! They also redefine the word, anal retentive. I knew a guy that went strait to the top, know why? He was about as anal as they come. "I don't want you doing anything during store hours, but in the mean time here's a list". I also am creating more obstacles for you and your clients to deal with on the floor. And I don't want to see empty shelves but here's a few more racks to put stuff on that we already have areas for." Ok I have to explain that I currently work in a retail environment. I have also worked in factories.

"Ok here's the deal we're gonna set up new machines in this area see. You'll probably more than likely be piling and pulling out loads roughly 500 lbs. each, we thought it would be a good idea to WAX THE FLOOR!" I pulled a toe nail off because my foot slipped. We would also get corporate visits and spend days cleaning THE FACTORY! It's f'n dirty and dusty, it's a bindery for petes sake! You have filth spewing from the machine motors that should be funneled outside but are not. Who cares they didn't. "We can't afford giving you people raises we're gonna give $200.000.00 to this so called brain trust because all we do is take ours out and play with them.

If you work in an environment that is run by what you perceive to be an idiot, work over time getting rid of his or hers ass. Because if you don't, he or she will be going higher up that corporate ladder. Before long that person will be in upper management, if not regional or higher. Then what? The corporate chain reaction. Also, I mentioned those that wear rose colored glasses? Well that goes all the way to the top and trickles down. The higher doesn't give a rats ass what the lower is doing. They should, and probably do, but by the our standards, the grunts, the people that actually make the wheels turn, well we get the real deal. Not to mention the raw one. But we see it, talk about it around the water cooler or whatever the case may be. We grudgingly go forward. Put in our 7 1/2 hours and go home. But it's hard I know. Keep it at work, ya right. But we drag along, grudgingly, hoping and praying for the day when corporate America plucks it's head out of it's ass. Stops playing with its collective brain and actually uses it and plugs it into the listening devices known as ears. Corporate America could go farther if it listened to it's employees. The ones in the trenches. And when they found something that worked, they wouldn't go fixen it. Oh well, such is the way it is. Not gonna change over night and probably won't at all. I'm off my box on this one. Tell ya what I feel like doing. Biting the hand that feeds me.

01/30/01  also see "TAKE OVER THE WORLD"
revised: Saturday, October 01, 2005