Crazy Terrorists

I guess they didn't get the memo. But America fights war like players play ball, they keep score. At least they did in the old days. This current administration like it has done with everything else, has cooked the books, as Powell has denied, fuck him.

I guess we can use a vernacular of o'le George and make a reference to WW2 like he so often mistakenly does, not that he would acknowledge it. Freakin fuckin liar.

Anyway lets look at Pear Harbor, roughly 2800 US casualties here at this MILITARY base, let me rephrase that, MILITARY BASE, hmmmm I guess it doesn't need paraphrasing. But then lets shoot to Normandy. Normandy? Is that anywhere near Japan, oh wait Hitler declared was on us after Japan took a couple blows. However, and this is really where these terrorists need to learn up on, because there is one thing the US military does well and that is KILL. We're just damn good at it, that's why Korea was a flop and Vietnam was a flop and Iraq has become a flop, police actions. But still we're throwing down. Over 10000  Iraqi civilians have lost their lives as apposed to 3000 US lives in 9/11. Oh hurray for our side, were winning.

I digress as I do, Japans mainland never got a chance to say hello to our troops. Instead we thought we would toss a volley they couldn't miss, twice no less. So the score here was if memory serves Americans at Pearl, 2800 and Japanese citizens over 100000, military casualties was astronomical too but alas its part of their job. The winner gets the least number as far as scoring goes and the winner gets bragging rights and to write the History as well.

So you would think they would have got the message. But that is the name of the game E=MC2 eye for an eye. But still the kill ratio is off kilter. We kill 38 prisoners at Abu Ghraib, Iraqi dissidents kill one.  How a cell of Saudi's got into the action is beyond me but these guys are everywhere. And will kill, maybe not them, but anybody on the way to get to them. It's what we do.

It's amazing and something these terrorists should know, Joe blow average lives with his Mom trailer trash would rather just see you ALL bombed to oblivian. Joe blow average may not live in a trailer, or with his Mom, but he sure the hell does live in the White House. Be afraid, be very afraid. For us all.