Pretty much sums up the level of corruption in the republican party. I swear these fucks can take cronyism to a new level. But Tom Delay if indicted in a fundraising fraud case in Texas can still keep his job as majority leader. Thanks in all to his buddies in the house. Anybody else would be looking at jail time.

But not Delay, not with this republican run world. They went as far as changing a rule for him. Furthermore there is that fundraising thing. In the meantime Delay himself is taking nicely sized kickbacks to pay for his legal fees. You could ask where that money is coming from, but you know the answer already. The usual cronies and corporate handouts.

I begin to think of our current government as the Teflon Mafia. Bush himself is enough, this election year couldn't have been more smarmy. But Tom Delay will take center stage in this rant. And the partisan Grand Old Party. The GOP needs to be fixed. With that so does the Democrats. Grow some backbone and play the game the way the GOP does, down and dirty. Might as well. The people have spoken it is what they want, apparently