Mix 104


Before they thought they made "The Point" or before they thought they had "The Mix" this radio station played fusion jazz, or anything you just wouldn't hear anywhere. Examples would be Loreena McKennitt, Joe Satriani, whom you say? Exactly my point. You could occasionally hear Seal, or possibly Enya's more popular tunes. Now it is the usual one hit wonders of the 80's. They do have the AM shut up hour, which is nice.

Oh yeah my diatribe

Carmen Anderson, self stated Pagan morning personality. It is not the fact that she is a Pagan that bothers me. It is her personality. Sandpaper is damn smooth in comparison. They play a sound bite during commercials where a man called in and asked "can't you control your witch?" I love that. She is something else. She also does a morning routine called, "touch yourself". These segments are supposed to be healing and revealing, coming from her, well, they make me sick. Pagan Gods aside it was an act of one that with the new telephone system I don't need to be subjected to this any longer. I was married to it at work. I was married to KS95 at one time also. Listened to it one day. I cannot believe it but they still play Chumba Rumba. I almost had my 19th nervous breakdown by the time I heard that damn stupid song the 15th time in one day. On a lighter note with all the Elton John songs out there, Alligator Rock is The Mix favorite. Not one of Elton's best. It's a tickler, gets in your head and will not let go. The Mix has a well-rounded variety of heavy Metal also. A variety of mostly one, Poison, and that's not the real deal, as well as Queen. Let's do "We will Rock You" and "We are the Champions" and call that the Queen play list. Pretty much sums it up. Of course, those songs have been played back to back for some time now.

As far as this goes, I remember the commercial stating that Carmen was coming back to local radio. I remember they stated, controversial. They were not kidding. I really do not understand another thing. Local radio stations have started playing Cat Stevens recordings. You remember Cat, great stuff. To bad, he had to go and find himself a new religion. Yeah, Islam it is. Not only that, he agreed to the bounty on Salmon Rushdi's head. Before September 11th Cat Steven's albums were pretty much gathering dust. They were great tunes, really were. On the other hand, why are some radio stations playing this stuff now? It was the day after 9/11 that I heard Cat Stevens again on the radio. Guess I wasn't the only person to think that. The radio station was bombarded. Did not do any good, they're still playing it.

Hmmm, not to go Dennis Miller, but WTF. Somethings in this world I will just never understand.

Well here is an update. Seems the station that had a point and thought they had the mix. Finally has it right. Lisa Wright, that is. Life is good I can listen to classic rock again and further more, the radio station is fun.


Saturday, October 01, 2005