YES! Pardon me, yes the end of "Sex and the City" and paid programing

Now if nobody minds lets just leave Sarah Jessica Parker to fade into oblivion. Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon may be able to be saved, lets hope so. Frankly I have only seen one episode and that wasn't fully. I could but can't get over Sarah. I can not put a finger on it but she just bugs me. The voice, everything about her, I do not know.

She has always said that Matthew and herself could always go out and walk in central park with their child. Sure, but lets see J-Lo try to do it, with anybody. Truth of the matter more than likely is that the media could care less.

There was an online poll that put Sarah's character second on the list of who people would like to see killed off. One of her leading men a Mr. Big was first. Two major characters. Tells you about the loyal following. It's cable however, Neilson need not apply. Frankly I want to see an f'n movie when I turn on HBO. Is that too much to ask of Home Box Office?

HBO, MTV, VH1. Damn I wish they'd stick with what they were born from. I was reading the guide for the night recently, Resident Evil was supposed to be on, this was HBO2, no it was the farewell program or some such for "Sex" as it is referred to.  That was bad, worse was a night later HBO had the show on and HBO2 had an encore of the farewell program.

I could care, less. MTV hardly knows what a video is, VH1 never really did, and HBO is turning into just another worthless network of programs. High brow or low brow however you want to look at them.

Actually cable itself is rather bust. Consider that a lot of the morning programming consists of infomercials. Oh to hark back to the days of the 30 second commercial. Not only that scheduling is rather poor through out the day. I work the grave yard and am up most of the day to see the repeat programming of cable networks. Oh it's ok, not going to really miss anything because it will be on later. But you wonder then why do not list all the times it will be on in a day rather than just the primetime one. 

Talk about commercials

Some are so clever, others are just bad. Take Tony Little ( little, the guys a walking heart attack waiting to happen ) and his Gazelle ( I Think ) that is on every morning somewhere, he's so hyper you wonder about him. The Video professor, I swear his ads are more like pan handling. And the other ads touting the video professor software "we had no idea how popular our free software offer would be" and the way she says it should be followed by a eewhh, I don't know why just fits.