Top 40 BS from Hell

I Don't care what kind a radio you are, rock, country, easy listening, rap or RnB your driving me nuts. The morning shows are the first thought. I listen to a local Country station, I'm married to it at work. Not so bad though the music is good. What drives me is the advertising. They seem to be conversing like everyday shit but it's the content. They go on and on about things I reckon they don't even use. Far be it for me but I'm a cynic.

Then comes the play list. KS95 was terrible about this until they smartened up. They would play the top 25 songs over and over. Do you have any idea how many times you hear the same song in an eight hour stretch? Now let me tell ya we're talking alternative here, which means it's awful. Not all but Chomba Whomba, really. Then there is the KS95 ad, the best from the 80's 90's and today. That doesn't seem so bad but they started the ad in 98. And I'll repeat, just the top 25 songs of that era. Twenty Five. I looked into their website at the time and checked the top 25 list. Every song on that list was played. Didn't hear much of anything else. They have improved though since they went to a non-repeat workday. At that time a new radio station came out, The Point. Alternative again so what really was 'the point'. They too have changed. Bought out I guess, the new list is just the 80's, been some good stuff. The radio gets tired though. Even golden oldies aren't old enough. One radio station, WLOL plays 70's 80's plus, but then I don't hear Peter Frampton, go fig. That figures though, hit and miss.

On the other end with Enya, Yanni, Loreena McKennit (who?) forget about em, not gonna be heard around here. Unless the PBS types have em. I try to find different and good. Alternative was different and bad. What makes Duran Duran alternative though? I don't know. The radio has been off about as much as the tv around here.

On the plus side KQ92. These people have always rocked and I hope always will.