Not a good thing to watch when having a Manic episode

It wasn't all that bad, and to give credence to any actor in it, that kudos would have to go to the little girl. I don't know what in the wide world of sports they did to keep these others from ruining her performance. Ally was the shining light in this whole fiasco. Not to mention the traveling story line, helped along by undeserving music. Oh man, I'm writing a review for something I feel should be written about, why I shouldn't is because most of the time it was like watching an episode of Anna Nicole Smith, and about as easy to stomach. Again the little girl carried this cast to the end, not from the beginning, but to the end.

Who were the worst

At any given time the screen was shared by Heather Donahue ( Blair Witch Project ) and Matt Frewer ( Max Headroom ). Not early on but the fact that these two happen at all is beyond me. The delivery of dialog is about as much for me to have hit the roof. I did watch long enough to see Matt's character killed, sadly, I had to see another rendition of his faded career, his mug on a computer screen after the fact of the Blair Bitch killing him. To rag on Matt Frewer, gladly I shall. He was in an episode of Star Trek TNG titled "A Matter Of Time". He was on the screen with Patrick Stewart, in this, Patrick wasn't supposed to trust nor like him, I think his performance went beyond acting. Who can really stand Matt Frewer, some can and maybe like him, as for me, I like actors that gel into a character, become the character, Matt and Heather are The Blair Bitch and Max Headroom. I did see Matt in "Honey I shrunk the Kids", maybe you should too, well you hate him, and the character was written that way, however his character in "Taken" has a heart, a thing that Matt couldn't portray if he wanted too, calls for actual acting ability. The thing that might kill me is the fact that someone had brain damage enough to cast him as Sherlock Holmes. Must help when you work for peanuts. I bet the kid in "Taken" made more. Well at least I hope she did.


Truly, the casting director/s were on Quaaludes at this time. Steven Spielberg lent his name to this movie, and I would have to say, lent. I don't think he's potted enough to have cast somebody who starred in such an ending flop as the Blair Witch Project. It has it's followers, but once your past the hype, you haven't got much left.

Other Things

The story lines. Some of the action that takes place is questionable. Why this, why didn't she do that sooner. Why all this convoluted dialog why somebody is lying on the floor or ground bleeding to death, two different times? Why Heather Donahue? Another question, do people when crying really sniffle that damn much? Why ask why, why not just enjoy it? It's just a movie, frankly I hate asking questions of a program. I want to be entertained, but when performances or continuity issues get in the way, well that is a different story.

I've had my Advil, turned the f'er off and hoping for something better from the Sci-Fi channel. Maybe "The Children Of Dune" will be better. Well couldn't be any worse than the theatre piece "Dune". I don't know what the brain trust thinks, maybe we can take something that was really, really bad and make something good out of it.

Needs to be seen, and I probably will not bother. Or perhaps I'll be having another manic attack and think, WTF.

Regards to those reading and have seen it, here's a bottle