The New Communists

Who are they? Republicans. To be fair we'll call this lot the neocons as they have been referred too. Or Neo Conservatives. So far right they fell off. What a bunch of freaking nuts. Bush at the helm and all they can do is follow him like love sick puppies. The whole ordeal makes me sick. But in this country you can get impeached for less. At present we have a commander and chief that has put military and civilian lives on the line, many of those now lost. One of those being a blue collar tried and true American that got executed. Right under the very nose of those that are to protect him.

I'll never understand this country. We have a President that is costing the lives of thousands in an unjust war but we impeach, or in one instance went through the motions of impeachment against residing Presidents that cost no lives at all. Who?

Well lets first look at President Bill "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" Clinton. Oh sure he did, lied about it, got caught at it. But WHO THE FUCK DIED! No one, this is a rant ok. Nearly impeached.

Let's now look at Richard "I am not a crook" Nixon, best defense, got our boys out of another quagmire. Worst offense, wiretapped the opponents. A little innocent paranoia there. Who died, NO ONE! Now Nixon, for the record, was a republican, but that I think is a theory, even on his part. Outside of his abortion stance (conservative of course, and we all know what that is, shallow fucks) his views and ideas could have seemed liberal.

The event that has spawned my RAGE of the current administration is the war in Iraq. To take the good will of other nations after 9/11 and willingly stomp all over them and go to war with a nation un involved was beyond idiotic. This is a fool's game.

"In the greatest house in the greatest land, the village idiot shall take command"
- Nostradamus

Now I usually think that the prophecies of Nostradamus are rather meaningless, but this particular one struck me. Apropos I do say. As the village idiot is indeed in the greatest house in the greatest land. I love my country and hate what the yellow shrub of Texas is doing to it's great name.

I digress, I often do in a rant. The goodwill after 9/11 was immense, those same country's couldn't see the connection between the event of 9/11 and Saddam Hussein's Iraq. But like a domino effect the chain of events is startling. And the new commies are either behind it, or just too damn blind to see it.

  1. 1. December 14th 2003. Saddam is captured in a hole no less. During his reign no one could give quarter. If they tried off to the prison with them. Internal dissent was unacceptable. 


  3. 2. A few months later after amassing backers, dissidents find themselves at an advantage. Americans who haven't got a clue. The best answer they had was to rough up a few at Abu Ghraib Prison outside of Baghdad. Good going ladies and gentlemen, real good.

  4. 3. With Saddam gone the spill gates have opened and the Al-Qeada network (in house already I imagine) is NOW a threat.

In true Bush fashion if there isn't a connection make one. In this case that connection was made for him with insurgents that didn't have the nerve to take on Saddam but have found the nerve against this army. Holy Shit when history repeats itself. Vietnam kids, ok.

You know with all the turmoil most republican White Houses cause why are they ever elected? Democracy, Democrat, it isn't familiar by chance.

Republican stance, our way or else. Seems like socialist commie crap to me.

'Purge the White House in 2004, clean the republicans the fuck out of the joint. That includes the cook if he's a republican commie bastard.

April 12th 2004