To good to pass up

A local radio station runs an ad for a new church. Well I think it is new. But before they run the ad they make the statement of it not being the opinion of the station. What is the ad? Well it seems that this new church is under the misguided idea that Jesus created the earth. Ain't that a trip and a half? I think they have taken the idea of Jesus being God just a tad too far. In my Gnostic opinion, holy cow, WAY TOO FAR! Now I can go there. I can have a heart to heart with a true believer, and genuinely accept those ideas against, oh say, evolution. You have to accept, or at least come to terms with your opponents view point to fully understand your own. Unless the view point is coming from a person with their head up their ass. I covered corporate America already. Alas as usual I digress. But this, this is too much. To believe that Jesus created the earth. It is what is stated in the ad. Now the Bible, the Christian new testament one, states somewhere there in that Jesus is God. However, this happened after the crucifixion and resurrection. Might as well state it like it happened or something. But that is as far as it goes. Jesus, did not, could not create the earth. More power to them I guess. I need to make a phone call.

I'll never disprove that Jesus existed. I like to think he did. Same with Moses. I like to think that great men existed. But just men none the less. No special powers. If there ever is a second coming like some like to believe. Well Jesus had a heck of a time proving to the Jews that he was the real deal. So, if he comes again? Well, parlor tricks ain't gonna cut it. We're talking Biblical here, fire and brimstone.

On another note and one that discredits me. I had a dream, truely did. I dreamed that Jesus came to visit and stay a night, lodging if you will. He traveled with others. I was sorry to see him leave. Strange how I would have a dream such as this. To reiterate, I do not think it is possible for Jesus to have created the earth. If anything, God came to earth, saw that it was good. Thought to himself that these dinosour creatures weren't neccesary, so he lobs a BIG ASS ROCK at the planet. Then he takes a couple of his copatriates and says on to them, 'Go take this planet, live long and prosper, and for my sake, don't tell your children where you came from'. Yeah, ok Pete what ever you say buddy. Well ok Eve, let's be off. And remember what captain Ahab said. This is our little secret.