A nutty thing happened on the way to the forum, I read about the TV guides awards. Best TV news program: Entertainment Tonight.

Hand me the smelling salts there Margie I'm a gonna hurl. Calling Entertainment Tonight news is like calling Tori Spelling a world class actor(pc I dunno why). Put it on CBS and it will be dead in a year. Frankly the time slot keeps it alive. People are having dinner and just watched the news, Tom Brokaw being the best IMO, and the remote is still on the coffee table. Plus the NBC line up. Well as a viewer your already there. So then Entertainment Tonight gets the nod. Our we the viewers that shallow. Do we really want to know the sordid affairs of our Celebes? God damn right. At least the opinion I have to reach. Not to mention the pattern that ET has. First, Touched by and Angel and Seventh Heaven. ET runs these two shows into the ground by just bringing them up so often. Outa sight outa mind I guess. So keep them in. ET is so PC it is almost sick but they do have their one night sexfest. It's almost laughable and probably why I tuned out long ago.

Malcolm in the middle

In a cover story TV guide compared MITM to Roseanne. Hmmmmm, comparisons. Uh Malcolms family as a whole seem to get along pretty good and functionally so. Roseanne, uh no. Malcolm in the middle is genuinely funny. Roseanne, uh no. Why? Trendy kills the sitcom star. Check this out, if Blossom would have been on for two more years Six would have come down with some sexually transmitted disease if not AIDS. Roseanne was trendy in just material alone, they frequented a bar, alcoholism, they had teen-agers, teen angst, a sister, well they had to have separation in there somewhere if they weren't going to go with Roseanne and John Goodman's character. Which if they were actually trendy and going for reality well they would have separated. I guess the Simpsons were already made a comparison by the makers of Malcolm so TV Guide had to come up with something else. Then they talked about longevity. Malcolm and the brood getting older. Do ya think they will actually get the chance. In this comparison they brought up My Three Sons. I would have went with Wonder Years myself. I seen Fred Savage go from a little kid to behind a vehicle. But then again that family wasn't functional like the Simpsons or Malcolm. They have dinner together. Roseanne did too but Asian take out does not a dinner make. You'll see Marge have a dinner she actually made and the family scarfe and enjoy.

I'll have more rants on TV in the future. Probably why I have taken so much to not watchin it. And when I do. It's the learning channels, TLC, Discovery, and History. If I watch broadcast then it's a cynical mind doing it. :)

My rants on situation comedies can go on indefinitely. Sienfeld being the best example of the genre and the rest being the worst. Yes Friends included.